Carey Island (Pulau Carey)

Location: Selangor

Location Info

Address: Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

District » Klang


Carey Island or Pulau Carey is an island in Selangor, Malaysia. It is located off the coast of Selangor. It is situated to the south of Port Klang and the north of Banting town. It is separated by the Langat River from Selangor.


Carey Island is named after Valentine Carey, a former British civil service officer in Malaysia back in those years. The island is popular for its Orang Asli community. Orang Asli is a Malay word giving the same meaning as indigenous. The main aboriginal tribe live there is known as Mah Meri. They are renowned for their traditional wood carvings, depicting their ancestral spirit. Their unique culture is too, what attracts visitors to the island. In the month of April every single year, the aborigines celebrate their own festival. Traditional dances and music will be seen if you pay a visit especially of that very date.

Apart from this interesting culture, the next major attraction that brings the eyes of tourist to this island is the great seafood. If you were to ask around, locals will certainly say that a day trip to Carey Island is not complete if you haven't taste the seafood there. There are quite a number of seafood restaurants in the Island including Seri Langat Seafood Restaurant and Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant. There is no accommodation available on the island itself but only bungalows that are for rent where you can spend a night or so in the island. If you are in Klang, Selangor, remember to drive to the island to have a taste of Malaysian's one of a kind culture and of course, the food that is capable to tantalize your taste buds.


As this is a private destination, there is almost no public transportation available to reach the island. Thus, the best way is to drive. From Kuala Lumpur, drive to Teluk Panglima Garang on the Kelang - Banting road. Then, drive along a narrow road past the Malay villages to Pulau Carey. A bridge links the mainland of to Carey Island. The ride eats up an estimated time of 90 minutes.